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clothespin Jul 6

Casual, sporty, Converse shoes hot sale colorful shoes. Which brand comes in your mind? The skateboard-fan, the fashion-conscious person, the Rockabilly-Fashionista and all the other shoe-lovers will now suggest one brands: Converse .

Converse, Converse shoes special price the shoe brand with the white star, was already founded in 1908. The Converse Rubber Shoe Company started producing the sporty footwear with the rubber sole and established the Converse All-Star Sneaker on the market, short called Chucks. Once created for basketball players, the Chucks have soon taken over the masses and have built a new casual look. The name of the trend shoe came from it's creator, Chuck Tayor. Since 1917, Converse has sold 655 Million pairs of Chucks worldwide. Thereby, the Converse Chucks are the most popular shoes in history.

Converse's slogan: Converse Men shoes breathable Shoes Are Boring. Wear Sneakers.

Vans, the strongest Converse women shoes New arrivals competitor in the matter of sporty shoes, was founded some decades later in 1966. Since it's foundation, the brand shows a high level of creativity in each marketing channel and in fan actions. For example the Vans Warped Tour, a concert tour, yearly inspires and brings together thousands of people since 1994. Artists like Katy Perry, No Doubt, Blink 182 and many others yearly enter the Vans stage. The brand separates between skate, surf, snow, BMX and other segments and amazes millions of young as well as old shoe freaks. For each segment, Vans has own channels and pages on social media to most efficiently target the single audiences.



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